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What is Well Played?

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Well Played is a community of Blizzard gamers who love to get together from all over the world. The organization is run by an army of volunteers and leaders of the Convert to Raid World of Warcraft guild on the Aerie Peak-US server. Since 2013, the team behind Well Played has been organizing a community meet-and-greet party at BlizzCon in Anaheim, CA. They took on the Well Played name in 2015, crowd-funded and expanded the BlizzCon party to include a live-stream, vendors, prizes, and entertainment. In 2016, Well Played will be organizing their annual BlizzCon party, and coordinated a weekend event in Minneapolis, MN to coincide with the release of the Warcraft movie in June.

Want to contact the party committee? Send us an e-mail at wellplayedparty@gmail.com.