Girls poker tips

Girls poker tipsThe game of poker involves a formidable amount of skill and strategy that is constantly used during different phases of the game. This card game is a favorite among those who love taking calculated risks without the fear of losing, when the stakes are high. An extensively popular gambling game, poker tournaments draw enthusiasts from around the globe. Although most prefer to call it a card game of luck, it’s much more than it is conceived to be. There are different variants of poker that consist of betting rules along with hand rankings. The skill at poker lies in trying to convince and confuse your opponent during the game. Although a youngster taking a liking to poker is not surprising, what’s intriguing is the fact that a majority of these youngsters are girls. Here are a few poker tips for girls to utilize in their game.

Things girls need to know about poker

Different kinds of combinations and pairs of hands are important in the game of poker. Apart from an emotionless face, strategy, skill, temperament, and concentration are essential ingredients that make a good poker player. To get a perspective on the cards you hold, opponents try to look for your facial expressions. Good poker players make it a point to maintain the same dead calm face during the entire game. Any change in expression, or fidgety movement gives your opponents vital clues about the cards you hold. Seasoned professional poker players may sometimes use a change in expression or attitude as a bluff to confuse their opponents, but if you’re a beginner it’s recommended you keep away from this strategy.

Although the sight of a low combination of cards may not be a very joyful occasion, girls must maintain a common expression throughout the game. If you’re at a poker table with the opposite sex, your opponents will try every trick available. Establishing schizoid eye contact is a common strategic weapon used by men when they are playing against women. In times like these you can look your opponents straight in the eye, but be assured that any sign of discomfort or change in expression that shows on your face works in favor of your opponent. Mastering the skills and strategies of poker may take a lifetime but you can be assured you learn and become a better poker player with every game you play. Poker tips for girls should be used in accordance with your type of game play. There are a wide variety of poker books on the market and some even are aimed specifically at female players!

In poker games some opponents may cleverly use to a certain type of betting strategy. Make sure you read your opponents betting patterns and style of game play to catch them off guard. Accomplished poker players don’t have a repetitive style of game play and keep changing bluff and betting strategies to create doubt and confusion in the minds of their opponents. The last thing you need in poker is have a predictable patterns and strategies. Watchful opponents can exploit a situation and turn the game in their favor if they notice a predictable pattern in your game play. These poker tips for girls should be used strategically in different scenarios pertaining to different variants of the game.